Management Profiles

Deborah R. Monroe

CEO/President, Ignite Achievements Int’l Inc.

Deborah Final 2012
Deborah’s EI360 Program ranked in the top three core classes for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. As President and CEO of Ignite Achievement Int’l, her new venture, Deborah takes a physiological approach to Emotional Intelligence providing understanding and insight into the depth of the driving emotion in the office. Poignant moments created with humor realizing that we are, indeed, all the same…suffering from being human!Deborah is a published author and currently one of the first of 36 Master EQ Practitioners in the world through the Global EQ Community of 6 Seconds. She is also an associate with IOP (Institute for Organizational Performance) and a faculty member of HDI (the Help Desk Institute). Working with all levels of Executive Leadership, Management and Individual Contributors, Ms. Monroe concentrates on integrating humans and process for a balanced working environment. Her aim is to build understanding and empathy creating a positive bottom line through employee and customer retention. Executive and Personal Life Coaching remains one of Deborah’s areas of expertise. Her clientele range from the Entertainment Industry to Corporate environments.

As an international Key Note and conference Deborah maintains the highest-level certifications for Emotional Intelligence from both 6-Seconds and the Institute for Health and Human Potential. She is rooted in the EI community speaking at the Nexus EI World Conference in South Africa in 2007 and the HDI Conferences in 2008 to 2010. She is a sought after EQ Executive Coach.

Deborah is a member in good standing with SHRM, ASTD, EQ Alliance, NAFE, The Institute of Positive Psychology, and many others.

Charlene Janiszewski

Business Development and Training

Charlene brings a wealth of experience in managing global training engagements with customers, which has resulted in her gaining extensive knowledge of how to identify customer training needs, design customer training plans that fit those needs, and develop curriculum that will allow a successful training experience. She has worked with internal and external training engagements and has tremendous expertise in best practices related to adult education and curriculum design and development.Prior to joining Ignite Achievements, Charlene was an Education Director with Oracle and SPL Worldgroup where she led a high-performance team of instructors who delivered technology training globally. During her time at Oracle she was a recipient of the ‘Oracle Pacesetter Award’ for outstanding customer service.

Charlene has experience delivering or managing training engagements across a variety of industries including Utilities, Telecommunications, Insurance, Financial and Pharmaceutical companies. She has managed multiple, large training projects in support of software implementations and applied considerable change management and project management skills in bringing those projects to a successful conclusion.

Charlene is also the author of over 15 technical and professional skills courses. This list includes a Best Practices for Instructors class that has trained and certified hundreds of new instructors.

Charlene is a member of ASTD (American Society for Training and Development).