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Deborah Monroe: A leading force on the impact of emotions in the workplace

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Deborah consistently delivers humorous, thought provoking, energetic programs that inspire people with applicable processes and immediate implementation. She has continually been rated a top trainer and speaker and the most requested repeat performer.

You may be struggling to find a speaker who will not only inspire your audience, yet will also educate them. Looking for someone who can bring humor and a common sense approach to life in the workplace? Deborah Monroe will capture the imagination and passion of your organization.

Deborah is an internationally sought after speaker and author, bringing high energy and invoking enthusiasm for change in the workplace.

Deborah is constantly requested as a special speaker and educator among large and small companies alike. With a unique and natural approach to the speaking industry, Deborah makes hands on, engaging, down to earth points with her extensive experience in the corporate arena.

Deborah began her passionate career as an educator and public speaker. Before she founded the very successful DRM Development Group and currently Ignite  Achievements  Int’l, she was one of three people who were instrumental in building the international start up, Visiocom USA with leading edge technology for the professional development world.

You are looking for change. You are looking for productivity. You are looking for someone to help to motivate your organization toward achieving their goals. This would be possible if they would just play in the “sandbox” with one another.

Your team needs to understand one another, overcome the strife, the judgments, petty arguments and offenses that keep them from their best performance. Deborah has seen it all! She has experienced it. She has survived it!

And now you can make the decision to glean from that wisdom and experience.

Deborah has extensive familiarity with HOW people work and what motivates them. Her insight and global experience gives her an ease for communicating with every area of industry, from union workers and individual contributors, to upper management and the “C” suite. Her message is designed for people, not a specific industry, as it is people who create success within each environment.

Areas of Expertise

Emotional Intelligence

We uncover the real meaning of Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts our workplace systems; defining concepts and competencies, providing case studies and brain science to discover that EQ is indeed, a major factor in our success or failure.


Team Dynamics

Deborah defies the old thinking that “there are no “I’s” in team”. ! team is made up of individuals. A healthy team understands this and acknowledges the rights and value of each participant. The tools discussed here will bring awareness and ultimately create an environment where the system of “team” will thrive.

Inspiring Leadership

“If they didn’t have to, why would anyone follow you?” Here we identify what it is that makes extraordinary leaders, answering that question, A dynamic and powerful session, you will be inspired to drop the daily grind and pay close attention to what makes you and your team great.


Take advantage of years of Deborah’s international executive coaching. She reveals golden nuggets for activating intrinsic motivation as a better functioning leader. Everyone is a leader, and we can lead by good example or by bad example. Here are applicable tips for bringing out the “Great” leader that lies within you!

What Others Are Saying

Deborah takes the science, the knowledge and the theory of EI and blends it to create positive and profound learning opportunities for people. This learning is apparent through the variety of change in their lives. Deborah does this with humor, grace and great authenticity.

— Lea Brovidani, Master EQ Practitioner


I give Deborah Monroe an excellent reference. She is a great speaker, very knowledgeable and personable. She gets her message across. The audience always enjoys her when she presents. I think Deborah is an excellent addition to any conference or seminar!

— Pete McGarahan, President, McGarahan and Associates


Deborah stands for change. She stands for cooperation. Deborah taught us how to tell the truth to one another without being sarcastic and mean. Our productivity has gone skyward. We now have a mutual understanding of one another; we give each other the benefit of the doubt and move to make our decisions based upon the outcome we want, not the situation at hand. She is a corporate miracle worker!

— Tim Cook, CEO, Finance Industry


Deborah was BORN for this. She is a master communicator, keeping everyone involved and inspired. All I can say is WOW!

—    Joseph, Support Center, Emory University


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