Ignite Achievements offers a variety of services in alignment of our mission to support your success. Our services include:

Service Description
Training Programs Creative, effective, thought provoking courses that make a difference. Ignite has expertly designed training programs in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Professional Development, Customer Service/Support, that are aligned with your business objectives. Our skill to implement understanding and change in our participants can be brought to you in-person on site, or via the web, either live or recorded to meet your expectations. Ignite personifies a long term development partner. We provide the “Keep It Alive Track” ™ for post-training effectiveness. In other words, we won’t come to train and then leave you in the dust! We will help you embed the skills your team learned in the courses.
Coaching We have access to some of the best, most effective and expert coaches for Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the world! Each coaching participant will take advantage and have opportunity to embed important growth for behavioral changes in each session; they will develop goals to embody an Ignited Leader and find ease with implementing change.
Speaking Inspiring groups and leaders remains a strong suite for all Ignite partners. We provide you a choice of high-quality, energetic and motivational speakers with a variety of subjects and expertise. We hope to influence you and your teams with creative and fun sessions for any event you plan.
Executive Viability Assessments Most ingenuity is inspired from lack or from great pain. At Ignite we have experienced this in our working environments. That is one reason we developed the Executive Viability Assessment. It has been said that people do not leave organizations, they leave people. You may be losing your best talent, yet you don’t need to. Senior managers and executive behavior can make or break an organization. We work with you to determine which executives have the ability and desire to make changes. This service is an inexpensive alternative to destructive leadership and its devastating results. Call us to understand our approach and how we can support your efforts to create a functional and productive working environment.
Career Path Development In collaboration with your HR department and upper management, we will help you build a diverse career path for your employees. Our career paths develop 4 (four) competencies of expertise, that will, in turn, provide you with well-rounded competent employees. The career paths will contain growth options of all varieties from blended training solutions to media rich experiences.
Skills Gap Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

Why is it important to understand the talent gaps in your team? The most synergistic teams are well rounded and cross-trained. They can fill any role in a pinch. Ignite experts collaborate with your managers or executive team to analyze resources, define staff roles, map skills and build a plan that may include recommendations for training, process change, coaching and support materials.
Assessments Soft Skills are now Hard Skills. Why? Because we can measure them and how they increase revenue. If you are able to measure success,you provide a reason to invest in your people. We can do that through many different types of assessments. At Ignite we use:
For Leaders and Managers (and others):

  • 360 Leadership Circle
  • 360 Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • SEI EQ Self Assessments
  • 360 EQ SEI Assessments

For Employee Satisfaction and Motivation:

For Team building we provide:

  • Personality Assessments
  • A detailed Stress Assessment
  • Listening Assessment
Dysfunctional Team Focus Groups Do you want to know why your team is having so much trouble or why they are so angry? Whether their behavior is overt or hidden, you know you are not getting their best and that affects you and your reputation and role. Ignite will engage your employees with focus groups, not only to determine where the pain points are, but also where you are succeeding as an organization. A detailed report will be provided to determine the top ten challenge areas. Recommendations are made and support is offered to help you make the changes that you need to make.
Instructor Development and Coaching Ignite instructional expert facilitators will work with new or experienced instructors to identify growth opportunities. Each instructor should not only be comfortable presenting, but also extraordinary knowledge transfer agents. They should have always embodied a storyteller and be gracious hosts. Trust us to bring your instructors up a notch…its what we do!

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