10,000 Hours

IMG-20120203-00343In Malcom Gladwell’s book OUTLIERS; he observed that it is the people with over 10,000 hours of practice that are most successful in their fields of expertise.

Having surpassed that clock, Deborah Monroe, Charlene Janiszewski and Ignite Achievements Int’l provide the professionalism, courtesy and wisdom that come with concentration in the field of inspiration, engagement and transfer of learning.

As practitioners, we digest the latest research in the field of Nuero-Leadership. Organizational Behavior, Behavioral Coaching and Professional Development.

Our expertise of delivering that information in an energetic, down to earth and enjoyable experience is the power of Ignite.

Award winning facilitators and coaches work with us around the world.  We customize programs to your need and help work within your budget.

We are small enough to care and communicate with you directly.  We are big enough to meet your needs around the world.  We are flexible enough to adapt to your time requirements.  We are wise enough to help you through the process your organization’s learning needs.