My EQ coach made me much more aware of how my language and approach impacts people around me. Being aware of that impact I have been able to make basic yet important changes. This has improved not only my working relationships but it has also improved my work effectiveness. Being made aware of my style and how that impacts others. I was provided with techniques to improve my approach and reminded how important those are. My coach’s experience and style made all the difference. She understood my style and was able to pinpoint how I could improve my EQ. In the end, it all comes down to the coach and she was outstanding! My coach had the knowledge and experience to 1) understand my approach and how it impacts others and 2) identify methods to improve my interactions with others. Without the understanding or improvement methodologies the improvement would not have been as impactful.
Bottom line is I thought my coach Deborah was outstanding and I would love to continue working with her! Her coaching has helped me both professionally and personally.

Tony , Project Manager

EQ has brought me useful insight into behavior motivation of myself and others in family and work life. Although I am still a novice, the small amount of new skills that I have used has given surprising results. The objectivity of the coach, and the amazing insight about me that Deborah had gained from my 360 report and our discussions. The fact that the coach is removed and unknown to the other players in my life provides a safe and comfortable environment for open discussion. Deborah is excellent at providing insight into a situation we discussed and providing a clear framework for addressing situations.

Brian, Director
Financial Industry

Based on the types of questions the coach asked me, I was able to dig deeper into myself and understand why I reacted the way I did - without her asking me these questions, I would never have been able to identify the root cause and address it in a positive way.
Learned a lot of tools in the course but was unable to put them together and to link them to real life situations until I got the coaching - she made the theory come to life - she helped me be so conscious of myself - self-awareness - and the areas that I really wanted to improve on.
Overall, learned to put words to my emotions and how they drive my behaviors, learned what things high jacked me, and intimately, the ability to listen more carefully to what people were really saying.

Franca, Director
CIBC, Canada

I really enjoyed working with Deborah. She has a great sense of humor. Deborah helped me handle some current situations resulting in me being more relaxed, effective and peaceful when dealing with the challenges of work and life. Thanks Deborah!!

Dave, Senior Director

Deborah was a wonderul, gentle and intelligent person to talk to. I learned quite a bit from her wisdom and experience. She listens and interjects when it is needed. In short, I think "her" interest, contribution and dedication is the cornerstone of the coaching ideas - even above the process and idea of coaching in itself. I enjoyed my conversations with her.



I give Deborah Monroe an excellent reference She is a great speaker, very knowledgeable and personable. She has a great way about her in getting her message across. The audience/class always enjoys her when she presents.
I think Deborah would be an excellent addition to any Conference or Seminar.

Pete McGarahan, President
McGarahan and Associates

I have learned to empower others instead of forcing my view on them. This was by far the most interesting and educational experience for me

Senior Director

Deborah takes the science, the knowledge and the theory of EI and blends it to create positive and profound learning opportunities for people. This learning is apparent through the variety of change in their lives. Deborah does this with humor, grace and great love.

Lea Brovidani, Master EQ Practitioner


Thank you again for all of your lessons, advice and kind words. You are truly one of the best Master Instructors I have worked with and I really appreciated the two days we spent together.

Tana, Learning & Development

Deborah was incredible and definitely has a special talent. I feel she has a definite special talent! I feel privileged to have witnessed that talent and to have been part of her class. I really enjoyed the EQ content and the other added value content she brings.

Matt, Director
South Carolina School District

This event was truly one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. As I was leaving, I was thinking to myself, I cannot remember when, if ever, I have HUGGED a teacher good bye!
You are just a fantastic person - a direct, assertive, confident woman. You are someone that I aspire to be like! To me that is the greatest compliment in the world... to look at someone and admire them and their qualities so much that you say to yourself, I want to be like that.

Diane, Help Desk Manager
Madison WI

It was a pleasure meeting you and an honor taking your course. Thank you for keeping it interactive and meaningful. I’ve attended other courses and seminars where the material was presented in a very dry, rote manner which lost not only my interest but the that of the entire group. I appreciated your style of presentation and teaching.

Jason, IT Manager
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Deborah Monroe was extremely skilled at her craft, and challenged me to become what I set out to become/manage; she was gentle, empathetic, funny and genuinely cared about my progress; she has made a lasting impact on my life and I will never forget her gifts

Cindy, Change Management Consultant