Emotional Intelligence

Ignite a Fire

“Because of the furious pace of change in business today, it is difficult to manage relationships. This sabotages more business than anything else – it is not a question of strategy that gets us into trouble, it is a question of emotions.”

John Kotter of Harvard Business School

Emotional Intelligence is the study of how emotions affect our life, our business, and ultimately every interaction in our lives. Simply being smart (IQ) and well educated, is not a determiner of success or good leadership. EQ is a great influential factor and is found to be a direct link to loyalty and satisfaction of those who work with and interact with us.

Ignite Achievements Int’l creates customized EQ programs that address the specific area of your concern within your workplace. Our holistic and blended approach engages the participant on many levels of learning, both cognitively and emotionally. Each participant’s emotional literacy, self-awareness, and ability to master managing their emotions and others is the ultimate outcome of this program.

Our Approach

Phase One: Working with you to ensure understanding of outcomes and objectives. We will then customize an event to suite your needs!

Phase Two: A choice of measurement instruments. Either the SEI self-Assessment or the IHHP Multi-rater 360. Each is delivered on-line with results given to the participants during the first day of training.

Phase Three: Each professional participates in the initial 2-day EQ class. Here EQ is defined. Its value is shown and demonstrated. Training is facilitated using presentations, a variety of group and individual exercises, videos, discussions and case studies. These exercises motivate, illustrate key learning points, demonstrate important skills, and “drill down” to the emotional drivers in our behavior. Each participant will receive his or her assessment in class.

Phase 4: Sustainable change comes with practicing. It has been found that with training alone there is a 25% change after a training event. With coaching, that number rises to 88%! That is sustainable change! Using the principles of EQ, their own knowledge and experience, the coach helps to guide them to solutions that will work best for them and the organization.

Ignite a Fire

Other Options:

  1. Team EQ Reports: provides data on emotional intelligence functioning at the team level. This can be a very powerful method to diagnose shortcomings within a team and help build the team competencies that drive performance.
  2. Embedding sessions: keep the concentration of emotional intelligence alive and active.
  3. Providing a post class CD to keep individuals conscious of the changes they are making.
  4. Advanced EQ Class: This follow-up class provides accountability and measures for improvement of program participant EI competency. We do this by:
    • Re-Assessment of each individual at the 6-month mark.
    • Change index page for each individual included in Report Option 1
    • Re-assessment of each individual at the 12 month mark.
    • Change index page included in Report Option 1
    • 1 Day class in 6 or 12 months to handle major issues in depth

Contact us to customize your emotional intelligence event.